Directors Allon Treves and Dorette Muller both have a wealth of experience in the
optical market

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To Cities and Nearby suburbs!

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We are an online wholesaler of optical frames.

We deliver a value for money product direct to you by cutting out the middle man with no hidden charges.

Buying eyewear should be easy, fun and affordable. There is nothing complicated about it. Good eyewear, good outcome.

We know that excellence in customer service is the key to happy clientele, coupled with providing quality, design-led eyewear that meets the ever-changing demands of fashion-conscious buyers with busy lifestyles.

We offer you a selection of top quality fashion frames coupled with great service and prices that will
be hard to beat

Our aim is to help you make your mid-range sales market a proud and profitable section in your

We are based in Western Australia and partnered with Network Courier/National Optical
Distributors to offer an overnight service to all cities and close to city suburbs, and two days for
country deliveries. You also benefit from this partnership with easy returns.

Excellent quality for the price and have not had any problems! Great products thank you!

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